How Long Does A Pickleball Paddle Last? – Best Methods To Preserve Your Companion

Pickleball is a sport that combines technical elements of table tennis, badminton, and rules similar to tennis. This sport brings great chances to improve both physical and mental health for players. 

Also, people are getting more interested in playing this game since it allows you to have fun with new friends.

Buying a paddle to begin the game can cost from $45 to $145, which is certainly a big investment. So maybe you want to know, “How long does a pickle paddle last?”

Our article below will help you find out the answer and show you how to properly take care of it for a longer lifespan.

How Long Does A Pickleball Paddle Last? 

Depending on different quality types, how frequent you are using it, and how you store it, a pickleball paddle’s lifespan can vary from one to five years. 

More specifically, a beginner or a recreational player that plays for entertainment just one or two times a week can have his paddle last for more than three years on average with proper care. 

How long does your pickleball paddle can last

On the other hand, for an experienced player who wants to play pickleball nearly every single day, the graphite paddle usually lasts at least one year or one and a half years. 

In fact, a wood paddle can have a longer lifespan than composite or graphite ones. This is because it is more sturdy and harder, enabling you to use it as flexibly as possible.

One important thing is that the way you use your paddle, also how you take good care of it can affect its lifespan. You have to grasp basic swings and grips and the way to properly handle your paddle. This helps improve your performance and preserve your paddle as well. 

Furthermore, you should maintain it carefully after using it, such as cleaning and storing it in a specific space to avoid damage from children, pets, or moisture.

Do Pickleball Paddles Wear Out? 

Obviously, your paddle can wear out even when you know how to take care of it carefully. As you cuddle the handle, the ball will approach its surface and create pressure on the paddle.

One sign that can be easily seen is the wearing out of the graphics on the surface. Nevertheless, wearing out doesn’t mean that the paddle reaches the end of its life.

Few small dips on the surface only mean that your paddle has some damage to a certain extent, not its entirety. The deeper the holes, the damage is more serious.

When Should I Replace My Pickleball Paddle?

Each pickleball paddle has its own unique sound. While playing, it brings a nice and sharp or lower key sound that you can easily realize. If one day your paddle sound becomes significantly dull, it could have developed dead spots inside.

A paddle always has its own sweet spot, where the pickleball seems to respond best, better than the edges, and near the handle. So you can check the sweet spot, and if you find it hard for the ball to jump away, your paddle is not in good condition anymore.

You can also check the paddle face directly under bright light. If there are some deep grooves, maybe it’s time to change to a new one. Those damages might lead to a loss of control or response while playing a game.

Play a pickleball game

Best Practices To Prolong Lifespan 

After learning about the potential damages a pickleball paddle might face, below we will show you five tips to preserve your companions.

Tip 1: Clean Regularly

You can make use of some light liquid soap or warm water to get rid of sweat and dirt. Use a soft cloth to clean, then dry it with a paper or soft towel immediately. Remember not to dip the whole paddle into water or apply too much water and soap. These factors affect the weight and ruin the paddle.

Tip 2: Grip Maintenance

While playing, your grip can wear out because of sweat. It will be slick and is more likely to slip off from your hand, fall, and break. 

Whenever you feel that the grip no longer absorbs moisture and flips, we recommend that you should change it to protect your paddle. The grip cost is not worth mentioning, and you just need to replace it about two times a year.

Tip 3: Appropriate Storage

You can buy a bag with the proper size to keep the paddle inside after using it. After that, put it in a regular temperature room or a cabinet. Doing this will keep your paddle away from damages regarding children, pets, or extreme temperatures.

Proper storage after playing pickleball

Tip 4: Light Clinking

A clink, or high five before starting the game, is popular. Although it shows the players’ enthusiasm and friendliness for competitors, it can cause detrimental effects on the paddle.

This is because a clink can lead to scratches or even further damages in the long run. That is the reason why light clinking is better.

Tip 5: Be A Smart Player

An important factor that can determine your paddle lifespan is the way you use it. If you enjoy a rough and aggressive playing style, it is understandable why the paddle can not be with you for longer. Our recommendation is to learn how to play it carefully and smartly. Remember not to overuse it through multiple hits. 

Bottom Lines

Even a good paddle can come to its end quickly if you do not know how to take proper care of it. Once you find your favorite paddle, you will not want to replace it quickly. That is why learning the above tips about “How long does a pickleball paddle last” can definitely help you extend the paddle lifespan!.

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