Are Wooden Pickleball Paddles Good? – Reveal The Answer For You

Back in the mid-1960s, the appearance of pickleball blew a new wind for sports enthusiasts. Indeed, it quickly became one of the most trending sports until now. Following its popularity, the attached equipment also varies in every period, especially the paddle. From composite to wood material, the paddle offers players a diversity of choices.

If you have just started learning to play pickleball, a wooden paddle is the first option many pro players would advise you to choose. So, are wooden pickleball paddles good? We’ve got you covered with this post. Scroll down now!

Are Wooden Pickleball Paddles Good For Playing The Sport? 

Absolutely yes. In fact, before composite and graphite materials appeared, not only did pickleball use paddles made from wood, but tennis or some other racket sports also used wood rackets.

Thus, why do they pick it up? – Here are the reasons.

Besides their appealing appearances, wooden paddles also have natural flexes and are sustainable over time. Furthermore, they come with various competitive prices.

With these outstanding pros, most players begin their passion with this sport with a wooden one. However, this type of paddle is often weighty. Let’s discuss this aspect in the later section.  

Who Buys These Paddles?

If wooden paddles are advantageous to users, who would best benefit from purchasing them? Below are five groups of players who should consider pursuing this type of paddle.

  • Beginner: If you are unsure whether you are suitable for this sport or just give it a quick try, a wooden version will be the best choice for you due to its affordable prices. 
  • Children: Like the beginner group, children get bored quickly and leave the game after a short time. Therefore, buying a wooden paddle wouldn’t waste their parents’ money.
  • Pickleball Club/Sports Camps: This group has quite a lot of members. Thus, it normally requires a huge amount of paddle that they can share. Of course, these available and durable wooden ones become a priority option.
  • Experienced pickleball player: The heavier the wooden paddle, the more powerful shot there is. This feature won wooden material a plus point in experienced player’s opinion.

Pickleball Court


Pros And Cons Of Wooden Paddles

Everything has advantages and disadvantages, and a wooden paddle is not an exception. Here are some pros and cons of a wooden paddle that you should notice.


  • Affordable price: The total cost for the finished product is quite low. This could be because the wooden material is easy to find in nature, and it doesn’t require precious kinds of wood for production.
  • Long-lasting usage: Natural wood goes through treated technology to become more durable over time. Wooden paddles’ lifespan surpasses that of Composite or graphite ones.
  • Controlled power ability: The wide surface of the wooden paddle allows you to put more power on your shot without giving out much strength.


  • Heavyweight: The ideal weight for a paddle is around 7~8 ounces, but the weight of a wooden pickle paddle gets about more than 10 ounces. It is much heavier than a composite or graphite paddle.
  • Inaccurate direction control: Not only does the smooth surface lessen your shot spin power, but the edge texture also reduces the ability to adjust the direction of pickleball.

How Much Do This Paddles Weigh?

As mentioned earlier, wooden ones would be much heavier than other variants. Let’s further discuss the weight of a wooden pickleball paddle here.

Almost every pickleball enthusiast agrees that weight is the first factor they keep in mind when choosing a new paddle. 

Unfortunately, this is the biggest drawback of wooden paddles. In detail, the lightest paddle weighs 9 ounces, while the heaviest one falls approximately 11 ~ 12 ounces. Just by these numbers, you can obviously feel how weighty it is when holding and swinging it.

Composite Pickleball Paddle

It’s worth noting that this material will put much unnecessary pressure on your wrist since this sport requires many up-down repetitive motions. The fact that it’s heavy also contributes to this nuisance.

In the long run, you will suffer from worthless painful injuries. Even those who are used to handling substantial paddles at ease will lose physical strength quickly during the court.

How Much Do Wooden Paddles Cost?

Before making any purchasing decision, never forget to consider the price. Currently, the price of a wooden pickleball paddle ranges from $12 to $25. This price is much cheaper compared to the other pickleball paddle.

You can easily find out the paddle price on the producer’s website or online shopping websites to refer to. 

What’s more, the current equipment sale for paddle sports is plentiful for you to select freely. It’s up to you whether choosing the entire pickleball set, including paddle, paddle cover, ball, etc., or individual items.

Nonetheless, there is no doubt that purchasing the full set is always more economical than buying one paddle only.

Pickleball Set

What About The Durability Of A Wooden Paddle?

Although the price is quite cheap, it doesn’t mean that the quality of a wooden paddle is bad. Normally, the lifespan of other paddlers reaches from 6 months to 1 year, but for the wooden paddle, it can be more.

So, how long can you use a paddle from wood?

The answer depends on your playing level! Believe us, if you are an amateur, you can use a wooden paddle over the years. On the other hand, many pro players have to use a new one after a shorter period. 

One interesting point is: although many professionals prefer high-quality paddles, they still keep their first wooden paddles as their keepsake. 


Since you have reached the end of our post, we would like to ask you once again. Are wooden pickleball paddles good? Whether you’re looking for something fun to do with your family or pursuing a professional journey, the wooden pickleball paddle is the right decision for you.

It’s not a wise idea to choose a paddle based on its appearance. Let’s carefully consider a suitable material that you feel most comfortable spending your time with.

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